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Welcome to SafetyGator!

This blog contains ramblings, musings and observations – generally on the topics of Safety and Security. I’ve been an active participant in both fields for quite some time – about 25 years or so – and see this effort as a way to share what I’ve learned.

I don’t know it all. Anyone who says they do is just kidding themselves and those whom they say it to. Both fields, Safety and Security, are in a constant state of change. To a lesser degree, it is not unlike the medical or legal fields where changes and updates to laws, regulations, technology and environment make “currency” a moving target. Like a doctor or lawyer, a Safety or Security professional who stops learning and seeking out the latest news and best practices quickly falls behind the curve. Professional ethics should drive each of us to stay on top of new ideas, threats and sustain a proactive stance, rather than simply react to situations that we should have seen coming.

So, that’s one of the main functions of this blog.. to identify and notify. As I come across learning or training opportunities, I’ll pass them along here. I’m a big fan of little or no-cost training opportunities, and will share here what I find. If you come across any of your own, feel free to drop me a line or post a comment and let us all know.

So, onward we go.


Ed Sterrett
Founder of Central Florida Safety Academy; professional Safety and Physical Security consultant; Safety Officer for the New Orleans EOC during Response and Recovery efforts following hurricanes Katrina and Rita; Former Emergency Response Coordinator (North America) and Regional Security Manager for Oracle Corporation.


  • Board Certified Protection Professional – ASIS International
  • Certified Safety Manager – NASP
  • Certified Safety Trainer – NASP
  • Certified Safety Auditor – NASP

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