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Security and Safety Audits: Great Training Tools!

Security and Safety audits, aka self-inspections, not only pinpoint problems in those areas but also encourage and maintain employee awareness of, and interest in, the security and safety of the workplace. That makes them great training tools.

Regular, frequent, and thorough self-inspections are not only an excellent way to prevent problems, they’re also strong and flexible training tools. A properly conducted self-inspection will reinforce training, identify the need for additional training and involve workers in making the workplace safer and more secure. Here are some suggestions for encouraging employee participation in the audit process.

  • Ask for employee input in developing audit checklists. Start with a basic audit checklist with key areas and processes, to which you and your employees can add to and customize to suit specific safety and security issues in your workplace.
  • Use a rotation system to give different employees audit responsibilities each time you conduct a self-inspection. That way, over time, a large number of workers will have the chance to participate.
  • Appoint a teamto look into a specific regulation that applies, or could apply, to your workplace and is frequently cited for violations. The team can answer questions such as:
    • What are likely causes of violations?
    • What are the solutions to these problems?
    • How well does your organization comply with the law?
    • What changes could improve compliance and safety?

The greater the degree of employee participation in safety and security audits, the farther the sense of responsibility for these critical workplace concerns extend. When you consider the importance OSHA places on awareness training, safety audits that heighten safety awareness of a wide range of important issues are clearly a boon to any organization. Competent and comprehensive self-inspections, when coupled with good-faith attempts to correct identified hazards and issues, can work in your favor in the event of an OSHA inspection or even civil lawsuits should an incident occur.

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