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Mandatory Training for Employees in accordance with OSHA

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When it comes to workplace safety, there are many different things that need to be considered. Depending on the type of job that is being done, as well as the conditions of the work environment, certain types of training are required for employees in accordance with OSHA regulations. Too many people don’t take this training seriously enough, which is causing OSHA to publish what they are calling an ‘Outreach Trainer Watch List’. This will be a list of any trainers who have had their authorization revoked or suspended, allowing employers and employees to get the proper training without having to worry about getting it from an unreliable or unverifiable source.

OSHA is struggling every day to make the workplace safer for everyone, and this includes a new focus on finding and publicizing those trainers who are not doing the job right or who are not qualified to do the job. Record controls are being tightened, causing trainers to certify their adherence to OSHA guidelines and regulations within the class and sign their reports to verify this compliance. Anyone found in violation of OSHA guidelines or those who are falsifying information will face civil and criminal penalties, proving that OSHA means business in workplace safety training.

After an undercover investigation to address this issue, OSHA discovered many courses that were prime examples of what they are trying to eliminate. Falsified information about time spent on various topics, failure to collect necessary documentation, and even advising students NOT to contact OSHA to report hazards were all violations that were found in one specific course alone. That trainer, of course, had his authorization revoked and was added to the newly formed Watch List, which you can find on the OSHA website. The list will be updated weekly, and trainers will be watched with ever-closer scrutiny to ensure that they are qualified to train and that they are conducting training properly.

In order to become an authorized trainer, a person has to complete a one-week OSHA trainer course, which will allow them to teach 10 hour and 30 hour courses about basic workplace safety, OSHA, and construction, maritime, and industrial safety and health. The Outreach Training Program offered by OSHA is a voluntary network of over 16,000 authorized trainers that teach and certify people in OSHA standards and workplace safety. The success of this program has led many states to enact legislation requiring this training prior to employment in many industries. For those who need it, these tighter regulations and watch list allow them to get the right training from professional sources the first time.

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