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Out of Service..

Said goodbye to an old friend today.. We shared a lot of adventures, went new places together.. saw good and bad, death and destruction, hope and renewal..

This trusty steed carried me around the state of Florida as I surveyed schools and churches for safety issues, protecting young and old from pain and suffering, allowing scarce funds to be put to better use. It carried me to New Orleans following hurricane Katrina to serve the city in a time of great need, blocking roadways in the 9th Ward to protect search teams and their canine colleagues as they scoured through ruined homes and debris for those still missing. It transported CPR manikins to those learning to save lives.

It did it’s job, did it well, and had much more to offer. Fate had other plans, apparently.

Christmas night, as I crossed an intersection, another driver blew through a red traffic light. He struck an adjacent vehicle first, deflecting it into mine. You may have seen the insurance company commercial with two couples driving down the road at night, laughing and talking, when a quick camera cut out the side window shows another vehicle about to plow into them.. that’s exactly what happened here – except for the couples, and the laughing and talking.. substitute listening to a radio presentation of A Christmas Carol, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come had just shown up.. (I’ll leave the portentiousness of that pass by..)

Fortunately, I had no passengers – otherwise the loss would have been greater.

Lessons learned – yeah, a couple.. First, the old adage “Most accidents happen less than 10 miles from home”.. very true.. In fact, both of the other drivers live less than 2 miles from the crash scene. Never take safety for granted – buckle up and stay aware of others around you.. Assume nothing, especially what other drivers may or may not do.

Second.. a hospital is not the best place to end your Christmas.

Oh, and third.. There’s nothing better than good old Detroit steel between you and the idjits..

-Ed Sterrett
Central Florida Safety Academy

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